The Missing Link

Last week, we started looking at how to use LinkedIn for promoting your business and virtual networking. LinkedIn offers many resources, and new ones are appearing all the time.

Dr. Joe really enjoys the weekly LinkedIn podcast “The Missing Link.” has many other podcasts that are appropriate for home offices. LinkedIn also now owns Slideshare—where you can post slide decks from presentations—and the two services are very well integrated. One way of taking advantage of this is by turning blogposts into Slideshare shows or minipresentations. In fact, Dr. Joe has created the first of a series of presentations offering home office, this one on the home office deduction.

Your elevator speech can also serve as the basis for a short minipresentation that can be posted on Slideshare.

There are a tremendous number of ways of taking advantage of LinkedIn. If you have read the Greatest Strengths report and taken the evaluation, your results can be linked to your LinkedIn page, so visitors can get a sense of what it’s like to work with you.

There are many good LinkedIn resources. For example, Wayne Breitbarth has many free resources, including several ebooks. Using his methods you can get the most out of LinkedIn using just the free service.