Pod[cast] People

Related to blogs are podcasts, which are audio recordings much like short radio programs or features that offer news, commentary, instruction, advice, interviews, or other content—the same sort of things you would put in a blog, except it is in audio format. These days, a podcast is easy enough to record; your computer or even mobile device like iPhone or iPad has a microphone, and software or apps can be easily found to capture audio and even edit it. We like Audacity for recording and editing audio.

Once it is recorded, it can be posted on your website or blog, or distributed through Apple’s App Store. A good reference for navigating the minutiae of podcast creation and distribution can be found here.

As with blogposts, there is an optimal length—5 minutes is the general rule of thumb, although if you have a more ambitious format in mind, like a talk show with news reports, guests, interviews, and so on, you can go longer.

Podcasts can have musical themes, but be careful not to just grab your favorite Pink Floyd or Beatles CD off the shelf and use a segment of a song you like—you’ll need to negotiate rights (and good luck getting or affording them). There are royalty-free music snippets that can suit your purpose, and if you are a dab hand at GarageBand, you can even create your own fairly easily.