Moving Pictures

Over the last few posts, we have been looking at how to take advantage of social media for marketing and promoting your home-based business. One last type of social media that should not be overlooked is online video, whether it be on YouTube or on your own site. This may sound overly ambitious and complicated, but today’s consumer videocameras and related software have made it cheaper and easier than ever to record and post video. Some ideas for what to record and post:

  • Commentary on topics of interest in your industry, à la a blog or podcast. If you are an accountant, perhaps you could provide a short discussion on changes in tax laws.
  • Step-by-step instruction on some activity in your field of business. If you are a personal trainer, perhaps you can demonstrate a particular exercise. If you teach software training, you can show how to perform a task in a given application.
  • A public presentation. If you are speaking in front of a group or at an event, take advantage of the opportunity by setting up your video camera (a tripod can be had for under $20 at Target) and recording and posting the presentation. You can also post audio only, if that is more convenient.
  • An interview. Interview a colleague, or have a colleague interview you about a project you have worked on—or even on some current topic in your field of business.
  • A clip of you giving your “elevator speech.”

Videos should not be long (three to five minutes is ideal, although public presentations will be longer), and they can be divided into several installments if necessary. Videos can be posted on your own website, on your blog, and on any and all of your other social media sites. You can also start your own channel on YouTube. There is a YouTube video that explains how to set up a YouTube channel.

Granted, not everyone is comfortable appearing on video, but like anything it just takes a bit of practice.