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Are You Working from Home—Or Working from Home?

The new book by Dr. Joe Webb and Richard Romano explains the difference

2016 Edition now available! Includes a brand new appendix for corporate telecommuters and their managers, up-to-date information on "cloud" computing and collaboration, and more.

According to the Census Bureau, more than 13 million people work at home, and more than 9 million of them run businesses from home. They're college students looking to earn extra cash to retirees looking to pursue new interests; stay-at-home moms or dads, recently downsized workers, and often self-motivated entrepreneurs looking to escape cubicle life. They're often full-time employees allowed—and sometimes forced—to telecommute. Their typical family income is 12% higher than average, and half have graduated college. However, making it work is not easy.

It sounds like the best of both worlds—work and home—and working at home can have significant benefits in flexibility, family life, and income. But running a successful home office requires more than a laptop computer, a smartphone, and an Internet connection. It requires discipline, attention to detail, and an ability to manage the distractions of a household—children, significant others, pets, and all the other myriad hazards of domestic life. A poorly managed home office can lead to strained personal and professional relationships, financial instability, and even dismissal from your full-time job. A new book, The Home Office That Works! Make Working at Home a Success—A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Telecommuters, explains how to set up and run a home office, regardless of your business. In this step-by-step handbook, Dr. Joseph Webb and Richard Romano draw on their combined 35+ years of experience working in their home offices to offer tips and strategies for maximizing at-home productivity. Some of the topics include:

The Home Office That Works! also includes dozens of “In Our Experience” sidebars that look at some of the many specific and unexpected real-life challenges that have cropped up in the authors’ home-working lives. The book has self-evaluation questions, to-do lists, and an extensive “home office checklist” that helps you get on track to success before you even begin. The Home Office That Works! is informative, entertaining, and an ultimately indispensable guide to work-at-home life for novices and home office veterans alike.

Your Authors

Dr Joe

A home office worker since 1987, Dr. Joseph Webb is a consultant, entrepreneur, and economics commentator who started his career in the industrial imaging industry more than thirty years ago. He found his way into business research, planning, marketing and forecasting executive positions along the way, and has consulted for firms ranging from large multinationals to small businesses. He started an Internet-based research business in 1995, selling it to a multinational publisher in 2000. Since then, his consulting, speaking, and research projects have focused on the interaction of business-to-business economics and technology trends. He is a doctoral graduate in industrial and corporate education from New York University, holds an MBA in Management Information Systems from Iona College, with baccalaureate work in managerial sciences and marketing at Manhattan College. He has taught in graduate and undergraduate business programs and resides in North Carolina.


Richard Romano has been a professional writer and editor since 1990. He began collaborating with Dr. Webb in 2000, writing market research reports and officially launching his home office. The collaboration had led to two previous books—“Does a Plumber Need a Web Site?”: Mad Dentists, Harried Haircutters, and Other Edgy Entrepreneurs Offer Promotion Strategies for Small and Mid-Size Businesses (2012) and Disrupting the Future: Uncommon Wisdom for Navigating Print’s Challenging Marketplace (2010), the latter of which has since been translated into Japanese and Portuguese. Richard has also authored or co-authored a half dozen or so other books on graphics hardware and software, and, on a freelance basis, has written everything from quarter-page ads, to e-newsletters, to magazine features, to 200-page market research reports. He is a frequent speaker on media, communication, and technology trends. He also does freelance writing and graphic design work for local businesses and community organizations in the New York Capital District. A graduate of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, he lives in Saratoga Springs, New York.

The authors are available for speaking at events and business meetings. The book is an excellent promotional vehicle for retailers to small businesses and suppliers of services to them. Custom versions of the book are available.

The authors are available for speaking at events, Webinars, and business meetings. The book is an excellent promotional vehicle for retailers and service providers who target the needs of small and home businesses. The authors can also create custom versions of the book for these purposes. 

The authors also offer coaching services for teleworkers/telecommuters, either one-on-one or in small groups; advisement for veteran teleworkers; consulting services for businesses considering hiring teleworkers/telecommuters; and more. The authors of The Home Office That Works! have also worked with Peak Focus, developers of the Harrison Assessments, to develop an online tool for evaluating potential teleworkers. 

For more information about these services, contact the authors at

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The authors of The Home Office That Works! have partnered with Peak Focus to offer tools for self-evalution and professional development:

We also offer evaluations for potential teleworkers.